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Specialized Community Solutions

Our Vision

Our Specialized Community Solutions (SCS) Program supports individuals living with complex cognitive, behavioural and physical challenges to live fulfilling, optimistic and contributing lives.
SCS is committed to achieving the highest degree of functionality while providing the best possible quality of life.

We endeavor to change public perception and discrimination in local communities with local resources by providing information and education relative to brain injury and mental illness.


Our Program

SCS provides various levels of support and/or housing for individuals with physical, psycho-emotional and mental health challenges.

We provide individual programming and services allowing for community integration that include:

• Housing
• Personal Care
• Medical Support
• Behavioural Management
• Life and Adaptive Skill Development
• Client Advocacy
• Community Networking
• Addictions Counselling & Mental Health Services
• Neuro-Recovery Services

When and where necessary we are able to bring to the client a variety of other services that will enhance their community living experience.


Client Centered Service

SRS Support

• Individualized care planning for our special needs clients
• Specialized health care programs to improve client’s health, function and independence
• Team approach to medical, social and support services
• Providing safe and clean home environment for enhanced quality of life and sense of purpose


Case Management

An experienced co-management team utilizing the expertise of our people, Program Director, Manager and Residential Care Managers assist the referral source. Our team will assist in navigating the assessment and information process to ensure that the necessary skills are provided to meet the specific needs of the individual.


Resource Aides

The core component of our service is the utilization of paraprofessional staff who work directly with the clients in a residential environment, providing a safe, caring home customized to the needs of the client. The Resource Aides work as part of the Co-management Team in providing individualized care and programming for our clients.


SCS Team

Every member of our team has unique qualities and talents that support and enhance the lives of our residents. We offer ongoing training and take part in educational programs to ensure that our staff is well equipped to meet the changing needs of the residents that we support both in our homes and in the community.

Our program success reflects the quality and commitment of our staff and we do believe that our people are our greatest asset.

To apply for a position within our SCS division, please send your resume to:

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