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Vocational Assessments

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A Vocational Assessment is carried out by our skilled Vocational Rehabilitation consultants to thoroughly evaluate an individual’s employment aptitudes, skills, experience, and interests. The assessment lays the foundation for a rehabilitation plan, which sets forth suitable employment goals and makes concrete recommendations with the aim of returning the individual to a level of functioning commensurate with their pre-disability status.

A One Point Assessment involves a client interview only. A Two Point Assessment involves a client interview and an interview with the primary health care provider.

A Three Point Assessment involves a client interview, followed by an interview with the primary health care provider and employer.

Our Vocational Rehabilitation consultants administer an individualized selection of tests to comprehensively assess work characteristics, including occupational interests, work-related functions and aptitudes, temperament, traits, and values, and academic or other achievement levels. This evaluation is designed to determine appropriate vocational options.

Where an individual is deemed unable to return to their pre-disability occupation, a Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) is carried out to assess an individual’s existing skill set, functional abilities, education, and experience and to match these to various positions requiring a similar set of skills, abilities, education, and experience.

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