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Vocational Activation

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This program is an intensive, medically-led four-week program to prepare a maximum of 8 participants to engage fully in a return to work process upon completion. The interdisciplinary program combines graduated physical reconditioning and work hardening with cognitive-behavioural interventions and community integration activities to strengthen physical, vocational, psychological and social capacities. It includes an initial interdisciplinary assessment to establish quantitative and qualitative baseline measures as well as interdisciplinary coordination and medical supervision throughout.

This intensive and individualized program uses CBT techniques to prepare the client for success in a graduated return-to-work process. This includes cognitive and affective screens and an assessment interview to provide quantitative and qualitative baseline data. CBT techniques are selected and implemented on the basis of the assessment and will often focus on such barriers to return to work as improper nutrition, poor sleep hygiene, difficulties with pain management, lack of routine, and affective difficulties. Techniques include activity-monitoring, cognitive restructuring/reframing, graded work-focused exposures, and behavioural activation supplemented by progressive muscle relaxation. A return-to-work focus is integrated into standard CBT techniques to optimize return-to-work outcomes. Homework to stimulate cognition is assigned, physical reconditioning is provided where appropriate, and work simulation is often used in providing graded exposures to work scenarios. The program is carried out over 8 to 12 weeks, with 1-3 sessions per week.

This intensive 10-week telephonic activation program is a structured, skill-based program designed for remote clients who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, low mood, and other common forms of mental illness. This program employs CBT techniques and work-focused CBT exercises to assist individuals in improving mood and remove barriers to staying at work or returning to work.

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