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Our skilled Vocational Rehabilitation consultants assist with resume preparation, cover letter development, and other professional correspondence relevant to securing employment.

Our skilled Vocational Rehabilitation consultants ensure that clients are prepared for interviews with a variety of strategies including mock interviews, and videotaped interviews.

Our skilled Vocational Rehabilitation provide clients with job search techniques including internet-based skills, knowledge of the hidden job market, networking strategies, and other more traditional job search tools.

Labour Market Research (LMR) provides information on an individual’s earning capacity based on the alternative positions identified in a TSA. It supplies both historical and projected information on wage scales and job vacancies and availability, as well as on necessary qualifications and physical demands performed in the alternative positions identified. During this process, we are in contact with an expansive list of employers, many of whom we have recruited to provide our clients with valuable work experience and job-shadowing.

Where an individual has been deemed unable to return to their own occupation or in the case of a change of definition of disability, our experienced employment specialists use information gathered from Vocational Assessments, Transferable Skills Analyses, and Labour Market Research to counsel the individual with the aim of identifying appropriate vocational options and career directions.

Where an individual is unable to return to previous employment, our skilled employment specialists assist the individual in accessing the hidden job market. Our expansive network of employers offer clients valuable work experience and job shadowing opportunities, which develop relevant skills and may lead to opportunities for full-time employment.

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